• DDW 2016 – Digestive Disease Week – San Diego Convention Center, CA
  • 21–24 May 2016

Manufacturing Sites


Manufacturing Facilities

  • Medi-Globe s.r.o., (Hranice, Czech Republic) – Medi-Globe’s primary manufacturing facility for both Urology and Endoscopy products.
  • Endo-Flex GmbH (Voerde, Germany) – Endoscopy Instruments
  • Endo-Technik GmbH (Solingen, Germany) – Endoscopy Equipment and Instruments
  • Medi-Globe GmbH (Hranice, Czech Republic) – Endoscopy Instruments
  • UROTECH GmbH (Hranice, Czech Republic) – Urology Products
  • UROVISION GmbH (Hranice, Czech Republic) – Urology Products

Medi-Globe’s overall manufacturing strategy is to consolidate high-volume production of the Czech Republic facility, yet maintain small, flexible manufacturing capabilities at the endoscopy and urology sites, to better accommodate small production runs and custom projects.