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  • 21–24 May 2016



Development of the Company

Medi-Globe Corporation was established in June of 1990 in Irvine, California as a medical device importation, sales and distribution company.

The initial product focus was an innovative electrode-patient cable system for EKG testing. After the successful introduction and subsequent sale of this product line, Medi-Globe began its focus on minimally-invasive surgery via the 1996 acquisition of GIP MedizinTechnik in Germany.

Over the next several years the firm executed several additional European-based acquisitions in the gastroenterology, urology and hospital supplies areas. Today these subsidiaries now define the core business areas and form the backbone of the group.

In the year 1998 Medi-Globe acquired its second endoscopy firm, Endo-Flex GmbH in Germany, which helped to significantly strengthen its position in the flexible endoscopy field.

In 2000 Medi-Globe acquired Asid Bonz GmbH and Asept InMed SAS and these two firms created the hospital supplies business platform.

In 2001 the company took an important step via the acquisition of UroVision GmbH – its first acquisition in the Urology segment. Along with UroVision the firm acquired a Czech Republic manufacturing facility, subsequently renamed as Medi-Globe s.r.o., located in Odry, Czech Republic. This site has since then been transformed into the primary manufacturing facility for all gastroenterology and urology companies.

Also in 2001 the firm established its South American sales and distribution beachhead in Brazil. This office manages and represents both Endoscopy and Urology product groups in Brazil and the neighboring countries.

The year 2002 was an extraordinarily busy year for Medi-Globe. Early in the year the firm acquired Endo-Technik GmbH (its third endoscopy firm) and UROTECH GmbH (its second urology products firm). Late in 2002 Medi-Globe capped the year with its establishment of Medi-Globe China – its office established for the coordination of the Chinese regulatory clearance process, sales and distribution of endoscopy products in China.

In 2006 Medi-Globe acquired the Germany based mico-Injection Molding, component supply and tooling company from Sorin Medical. This company was renamed Medi-Globe CardioPlast GmbH and serves all internal subsidiaries and an expanding portfolio of external customers.

In late 2007 Medi-Globe acquired the Germany-based Tüshaus GmbH company. This hospital supplies firm was a chief competitor to Asid Bonz GmbH – together, these two firms help to solidify Medi-Globe’s position in the German hospital supplies market.